Monday, 12 February 2018

12th February

RSPB Middleton (Warks) - 3 Great White Egret roosted in the Heronry and Barn Owl hunting Play Meadow.
Lea Marston Lakes - 14 Shelduck (A Dean).
Alvecote Gilmans Pool - Great White Egret (R Smith).

With the first guess in the Avocet competition being the 14th of February then it's only fair entries close at midnight tomorrow. The competition is open to everyone - nothing to lose nothing to gain,  just a bit of fun. 9 Avocet were at Frampton Gloucestershire today which potentially is less than a days flight from Middleton. Dates still available are under the Middleton year list and some background information is in the news section to the right. Just email me your guess.

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